We’ve selected some tips to begin your journey of understanding domestic abuse:

  1. Safety plans are essential.
  2. You should never be fearful in your own home.
  3. We believe you. Domestic abuse is not your fault – you did nothing to deserve this – you did not create this and you certainly aren’t doing anything to cause it to continue.
  4. Domestic abuse is very rarely a one-off incident. It’s an ongoing pattern of violent, threatening and/or abusive behaviours used to dominate, coerce or control another person you see frequently in a close personal relationship or live with.
  5. It causes someone to fear for themselves or another person and can isolate you very quickly from your family and friends.

What happens at home will impact every aspect of your life and/or the lives of your children – it will eat away at your health, quality of education, work, relationships, self-confidence, change behaviours and your decision-making

Just please know this – there are always, always options.